Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to Effectively Deal with Sex Problems in a Marriage

Many couples struggle with problems in their sexual relationship. The research shows that 8 out of 10 couples at any time are feeling their sex life in their marriage is dissatisfying. Few couples will openly talk with their friends or family about this concern. Each person in our culture does experience “heavy doses” of shame […]

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Seven Steps to a Healthy Marriage

As each couple progresses in their life together, often there comes a time when the emotional and/or physical connection becomes strained. One partner may be more pre-occupied with work. Or a partner thinks more of him or herself at the expense of a partner feeling neglected. Also sex may have become infrequent, to little, or […]

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Marriage problems: The First Steps

When encountering struggles in your marriage or primary love relationship, you may be deeply wondering and asking your self, “What do I do”? A few first steps is to ask your self what is the struggle I am having in my marriage? Follow with asking your self how committed am I to risking exploring what […]

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