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Sabrina’s story of trauma that resulted from being raised in a cult

Coming back from trauma and creating joy and love. A client’s story with names and dates changed to protect her privacy. It started for her when she looked into the eyes of each of her parents as she was being wrapped in a blanket moments after her birth. She thought, “Oh no!”. She was born […]

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Dear Laurie Letter’s

Dear Laurie, I am worried about how down my mood has been lately. I can not sleep through the night. I am going to the refrigerator constantly to find something to eat. I have wondered if I am depressed. I have heard from friends that depression can be because of how I grew up. If […]

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Welcome to my blog

I believe in the power of love. I help people find unconditional love within themselves and for others. I assist you to use the unconditional love to uplift yourself and others at all times, including times of adversity. I specialize in couples counseling, marriage therapy, executive coaching, life coaching, depression therapy, and trauma therapy in […]

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