Dear Laurie Letter’s

Dear Laurie,

I am worried about how down my mood has been lately. I can not sleep through the night. I am going to the refrigerator constantly to find something to eat. I have wondered if I am depressed. I have heard from friends that depression can be because of how I grew up. If that is so, what do I do to help myself?

Katie from Minneapolis

Dear Katie,

In respose to your question, the first thing I would suggest is an evaluation from a psychologist. The sleep concerns you have and the increased appetite may be a result of depression. Depression is often the result of anger turned on “ourself”. Also depression can be a result of unresolved grief about a loss in our life currently and/or from our past. I welcome hearing from you, if you have further concerns. I am a Depression Psychologist in Coon Rapids, MN. Please visit me at for further resources. Thank you for your question.

Laurie Grengs, M.A.
Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

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